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What is Tristone? 

TRISTONE is a perfect

TRISTONE is a perfect

TRISTONE 100% Acrylic Solid Surface is the ideal benchtop material, composed of high-performance acrylic resins and natural minerals to enhance its appearance and performance. The consistent colours and patterns, which run all the way through the material cannot wear away, and allows any damage to be easily repaired to its original condition. TRISTONE products are non-porous and NSF-51 Certified for Food preparation area. This means it's hygienic by warding off mildew, bacteria and other harmful germs. Additionally, due to inconspicuous seams, integrated sink, bowls and overed back splashes, TRISTONE is the perfect choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Advantages of TRISTONE

  • Competitively priced                        

  • Clear image without joint

  • Easy to fabricate and thermoformabl


  • Excellent UV resistance

  • Non-porous and Bacteria resistant

  • Flame resistant : Warringtonfire test, DIN and EN standard

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